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Teaching Children Mathematics, Journal of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, USA, Volume 11, Issue 1. August 2004.

Worthington, M & Carruthers, E. (2003) Children's Mathematics: Making Marks, Making Meaning: Paul Chapman Publishing.

      "Sandwiched between quotes from The Little Prince by Saint-Exupery (1958), the authors discuss the mathematical development of young children. Drawing on the professional literature and theories from the fields of literacy and mathematics, the authors skillfully explain how children become mathematically literate, describe the early childhood environment that best promotes their learning, and illustrate their claims with children's work that they have collected over a twelve-year period of working with young children.

      The book begins with an overview of the literature on the mathematical development of young children and the authors' own findings from questioning and working with teachers. They present theories of learning and argue that young children's emergent mathematical literacy develops through social interactions and a rich, supportive environment, both at home and at school. The chapters that follow discuss the diverse ways in which children record their informal knowledge of mathematics--through markings, drawings, graphics, and writing. Examples from young children's work help illustrate the various strategies children use to display their thinking. Each chapter includes suggestions and methods to encourage children's mathematical thinking.

      The authors discuss the gap between home and school mathematics. They stress the need for teachers to recognize the mathematical knowledge that children own when coming to school and offer ways to bridge the gap. For those working in an early childhood environment, this book can be an excellent resource in understanding and planning for children's mathematical experiences."

Deborah Ann Jensen, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education - Hunter College: City University of New York.