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Conferences & courses: 1992 - 2024



                Note: Many of these conferences required our input on

                more than  one occasion, and we led some of the courses

                in specific schools,  nursery schools, local  authorities

                and at the Institute of Education (London University) over

               several  terms or for several years. 



  • Birmingham Early Years Mathematics conference
  • Bradford Early Years conference 
  • Bristol City College EY conference 
  • Bristol LEANursery Mathematics conference
  • Bristol Redcliffe Children's Centre: National Conference, Ramada Inn, Bristol
  • Bristol Redcliffe Children's Centre: National conference 
  • Bromley LEA conference
  • Cambridge Learning Network conference
  • Devon Academic Councils conference
  • Devon Early Years Partnerships conference
  • Devon LEA conference
  • Devon Nursery conferences
  • Devon Sure Start conference
  • Dorset Early Years conference, Wareham,  
  • Dorset Early Years Partnerships conference
  • Early Education: Annual conference, Sunderland 
  • Early Years Mathematics conference, Barcelo Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland 
  • Early Years PSRN conference, Stoke-on-Trent 
  • Emergent Mathematics Teachers conferences,

           (x 7 annual conferences), University of Exeter

  • Emergent Mathematics Teachers conference, Plymouth
  • Luton LEA conference, Learning Centre, Luton, Bedfordshire
  • MaST Conference, Edge Hill University, Omskirk, (x 2) 
  • National Strategies PSRN, Bristol, 
  • North Somerset Early Years conference 
  • Nottingham Early Years Partnerships conference
  • Pen Green, Emergent Mathematics Teachers conference, (1998)
  • Pen Green Centre for Under Fives and their Families conference
  • Plymouth International Year of Mathematics conference 
  • Plymouth Early Years Partnerships conference
  • Poole LEA Early Years conference,

           Devon, England

  • Pre-school Playgroups Association conference
  • Pre-school Learning Alliance conference
  • Richmond LEA conference
  • Sheffield Hallam University mathematics conference 
  • Sheffield Hallam University: Key Speakers at MaST Conference [x 2] )
  • University College of St Mark & St John, Plymouth, Early Years Conference
  • Sheffield Hallam University: MaST conference [x 2] 
  • Redcliffe Children's Centre conference, Bristol, (x 5)
  • Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea conference, Isaac Newton Centre
  • South Gloucestershire conference
  • Swindon LEA conference
  • University College of St Mark & St John conference



  Association of Teachers of Mathematics 

       - Westminster College, Oxford
       -  University of Ripon & York
       -  Liverpool University

  • BERA Conference, Aston University, Birmingham (2023)
  • Bristol Early Years: Engineers’ House, Clifton, Bristol
  • British Congress of Mathematics Education (BCME7)
  • Bath Spa University, BA Education Studies Degree
  • Be a Mathematician (BEAM), London
  • British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM) day conference, University of Cambridge
  • EECERA Conference, Strathclyde University, Glasgow (x 2)
  • EECERA conference, University of Birmingham
  • EECERA Conference (online due to Covid)
  • EECERA Conference, University of Brighton (2024)
  • ‘Hundred Languages of Children’ (Reggio): South West
  • Mathematics Association conference, University of Cambridge
  • Mathematics Association (MA) conference, Robson College, Cambridge University
  • Mathematics Association conference, University of Exeter, 
  • Mirandanet, Institute of Education, London, 
  • National Association of Child Psychiatrists & Child Psychologists conference
  • National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM), International Research conference: Continuing Professional Development in Mathematics (RECME)
  • National Primary Centre, Birmingham
  • Pre-school Learning Alliance conference

(See also EECERA conference in other countries).



  • All Party Political Group (APPG) on Maths and Numeracy: House of Commons, Westminster (2014)
  • Early Childhood Mathematics Group (ATM)
  • Early Excellence Centre: Huddersfield
  • National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM): International Research conference, Bristol 
  • BERA/TACTYC Symposia, Winchester & Sheffield 
  • BERA/TACTYC Research Colloquium: 'Play and Education 3-8: Leeds Metropolitan University
  • Williams Review of Mathematics Teaching in Early Years Settings and Primary Schools conference, Royal Society, London


Local Education Authorities,
schools and settings 

Conference seminars, key speeches & CPD:

  • Bath Numeracy Strategy
  • Barnsole Primary School, Medway
  • Bedfordshire LEA – Early Years Advisory Service
  • Birmingham Year of Mathematics
  • Bradford
  • Brent Action Research Project
  • Brent LA 
  • Bristol City Council: Early Years Conference
  • Bristol Numeracy Strategy
  • Bristol LEA: Nursery Mathematics Conference
  • Bristol Redcliffe Children's Centre: National Conference
  • Bristol, Redcliffe Children's Centre: Williams Maths Review days - nursery and reception
  • Bristol Redcliffe Children's Centre -Mathematics Conference
  • Bristol City College, EY conference
  • Bristol, National Strategies conference
  • Bristol: Ashton and Bedminster Extended Partnership 
  • Bristol, College Green Nursery conference
  • Bristol, Redcliffe Children's Centre course for Reception and Year 1
  • Bristol, Rosemary Nursery
  • Bristol, South Street Primary School and Children's Centre 
  • Bromley LEA conference
  • Cambridge Learning Network conference
  • Camden Early Years Partnerships conference
  • Devon: Academic Councils
  • Devon Early Years Partnerships
  • Devon LEA conference
  • Devon Nursery Conferences
  • Devon Sure Start - Schemas conference
  • Dorset Early Years Partnerships conference
  • Dorset LEA (2004)
  • Downsend Epsom Lodge, Leatherhead, 

          Surrey, (2010)

  • Eastwood Nursery, Roehampton
  • Harrow LEA 
  • Kaleidoscope Academy Trust, North Somerset (2024)
  • Kensington and Chelsea
  • Luton LEA 
  • Maidenhead
  • Medway LEA, (2008; 2009; 2010)
  • National Strategies Conference, Bristol
  • Nottingham Early Years Partnerships
  • Nottingham LEA
  • Pen Green Centre for Under Fives and their

           Families (x 3)

  • Pen Green Schema conference

 LEAs - continued on the right.

   TACTYC Conference presentations

     - London 

     - Birmingham, (x 6)

      - York (2011)

     - Milton Keynes

presentations, seminars and modules

  • Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford, 
  •  Art in Early Childhood conference, Roehampton University, London
  • Art in Early Childhood Conference, University of Exeter, (2023)
  • Bath Spa University, Bath, Somerset
  • Bath Spa University, BA Education Studies Degree
  • Bath Spa University and Redcliffe Children's Centre: Master's Module in Early Childhood Mathematics
  • BEAM, Birmingham University 
  • Bedfordshire LEA
  • Birmingham Year of Mathematics conference, with the Emergent Mathematics Teachers' group
  • Bristol: Ashton and Bedminster Extended Partnership conference
  • Bristol City LEA Early Years conference
  • Bristol College Green Nursery conference
  • Bristol LEA, Nursery Mathematics conference
  • Bristol Numeracy Strategy conference
  • Bristol Redcliffe Children's Centre, National conference
  • British Congress of Mathematics Education conference
  • British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics conference
  • Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC) Birmingham: MA in Education (Early Years): Leading Early Years Maths.
  • Institute of Education, University of London, Early Years conference 
  • Institute of Education, University of London, series of Continuing Professional Development Courses
  • Institute of EducationMirandet
  • Maths Association (MA) conference
  • Rolle College, Exmouth, Early Years conference 
  • Poole LEA National Numeracy conference
  • University of Plymouth, Faculty of Arts & Education – Early Years Mathematics conference
  • University of Plymouth, Early Years conference
  • University of Plymouth, Early years Forum
  • University of West of England, Bristol
  • Warwick University International Early Years Conference, (2005)
  • Westminster College, Oxford: Presentation to M.Ed. course students
  • Weston College, Weston-Super-Mare (MA Hons degree course): (2010)


  • South Australia Numeracy Summit: Early Childhood: (2024) 


  • European Council of International Schools (ECIS): Early Years Conference, Brussels, Waterloo (2009)



  • Art in Early Childhood conference, University of Cyprus, Nicosia (2012)

Czech Republic

  • EECERA conference, Prague, Czech Republic (2007)



  • EECERA Conference, Tallinn University, Tallin (2013)



  • EECERA conference, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki (2019)
  • EECERA conference, University of Crete (2014)
  • European Council of International Schools (ECIS): American School in Athens (2012)



  • EECERA Early Childhood Conference, Iceland University of Education, Reykjavik, Iceland (2006)



  • Madurai Institute of Social Sciences, Tamil Nadu, S. India (2000)



  • EECERA Conference, Dublin City University, Ireland (2016)
  • EECERA Conference, St Patrick's College, City University of Dublin, Drumcondra (2005)
  • EECERA conference, Dublin (2005)



  • EECERA Conference, University of Bologna, (2017)


The Netherlands

  • European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI), Utrecht Science Park, Utrecht conference (2022)
  • Winterschool conferenceGuest lecture: Oosterhoot, (2018)
  • Academie voor Ontwikkelingsgericht Onderwijs (OGO Academy) conference, Guest Lecture, Ede, The Netherlands (2011)
  • University of Leiden, Guest Lecture (2017)


                              Northern Ireland

  • Shankill Road, Sure Start Project, Belfast



  • EECERA Conference, Queen Maud’s College of Early Childhood Education, Stavanger, Norway, ()



  • EECERA conference, Cascais nr Lisbon (2023)
  • EECERA Conference, Oporto, (2012)



  • Children in Scotland numeracy and mathematics conference, (2014)
  • EECERA conference, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland (2022)
  • EECERA conference, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland (2003)
  • Early Years Mathematics Conference (2012) Edinburgh
  • Children in Scotland Numeracy and Maths Conference 201?



  • EECERA ConferenceUniversitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain, (2015)


  • University of Indiana
  • University of Kentucky
  • University of Louisville, Kentucky USA



  • South Glamorgan Pre-school Playgroups Association, Cardiff, Wales
  • PACE: Newport Early Years Conference, Dragon Hotel, Swansea, (2007)
  • PACE: Swansea Early Years Conference, Cardiff Wales, (2007)
  • Pembrokeshire Foundation Stage – Holiday Inn, Newport, Wales (2007)
  • PACE: Newport Early Years Conference (PACE) – Dragon Hotel, Swansea, Wales, (2006)
  • PACE: Swansea Early Years Conference (PACE) – Wales, (2006)
  • Pre-school Playgroups Association South Glamorgan, Cardiff


    Local Education Authorities, schools
    and settings 

    Conference seminars, key speeches & CPD:

    continued ...

  • Plymouth International Year of Mathematics
  • Plymouth Early Years Partnerships
  • Poole LEA Early Years Conference
  • Reading LEA: Stepping Stones Training
  • Richmond LEA
  • Roehampton, Eastwood Nursery
  • Severnside training Centre, South Gloucester
  • Slough, Baylis Nursery
  • South Gloucestershire LA 
  • South Gloucestershire
  • Stepping Stones Training, Bristol, 
  • Stoke-on-Trent Early Years PSRN Conference (2010)
  • Weston-super-Mare (2024)
  • Surrey, Leatherhead: Downsend School, Epsom Lodge 
  • Swindon LEA
  • Torbay, Early Years, Torquay, Devon
  • Victoria Park Infants' School, Bristol
  • Weston College, BA Hons. Degree Course: Weston-super-mare