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* Writing-like marks



Oliver’s shopping list

     Oliver (4 years, 7 months) chose to write a shopping

list, itemising and referring to each item or quantity as

he wrote. Starting to write on the top right of his paper,

his continuous zigzagging line may have imitated the

action of an adult writing in longhand, or perhaps it

was his impression of seeing cursive writing.


  • Taxonomy - written number and quantities: 

        Early explorations with marks: attaching mathematical


  • Quantities


Molly’s birthday
     Molly (3 years, 9 months) was sitting with a

group of friends. There were birthday cards

with ages (numerals) on them, and blank paper, 

card and pens.Molly wrote on a card, telling her

teacher, “It says ‘Happy Birthnday to Molly” and

added that she was 4.

     Molly is very keen to be four as many of her

friends are already: this will obviously be a very important milestone to her.


  • Taxonomy - written number and quantities: 

         Early explorations with marks: attaching

        mathematical meanings

  • Measurement: (time, age) and number












  • Taxonomy - written number and


        Early explorations with marks: attaching

        mathematical meanings

  • Counting and number 






      This shows the lines Saja's wrote as

she counted in Arabic, 'Wahid, ithani,

thelaitha, araba, khumsa' then continuing

in English saying 'five' and 'seven'. Written

signs displayed in the learning environment

in the children's other languages will support

those whose first language is not English.