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New! Carruthers, E. (2017) ‘Open mathematics: open minds: children’s thinking and mathematics’.

Unfortunately the definition of this photo fails to show Ayaan’s marks

Taxonomy - this example

  • Written number and quantities: Representing quantities that are not counted.

Ayaan’s ice creams

For more than 2 weeks Ayaan had been going to the gazebo and offering children pretend ice creams. As more children have responded her confidence in creating problems and talking to other children had grown.

She asked one child, ‘You like ice cream?’ to which they replied ‘Yes’ but Ayaan then said ‘No left.’ Ayaan hurried herself, saying ‘I make more’, collecting stones in a pan and spending time pretending to make ice cream. She asked Tariq if he wanted ice cream and then passed him a pretend one, pressing buttons on the till as she told him ‘It’s 50 minutes.’

Ayaan then reached for a notebook and drew dashes: pressing buttons on the till and making more dashes on her notebook without comment.

Later another child commented ‘£1.00’ and Ayaan took this on board, telling her customer ‘That’s £50 please.’

Ayaan extended her own mathematical language, ‘testing out’ the vocabulary related to money and using higher numbers and for prices.

Gallery 7: The emergence of graphic symbols and texts in pretend play

Gallery 8: Children's graphic symbols and texts in self-initiated contexts.


New! Worthington, M. (2017) Mathematics and symbolic meanings: from pretend play to problem solving. In J. Moyles, J. Payler and J. Georgeson. (Eds.) Beginning Teaching, Beginning Learning: In Early Years and Primary Education 5e. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

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