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September 2006

Belated news for September, since we were swept up with the excitement of the EECERA conference in Iceland,
(European Early Childhood Education Research Association). It was great to make links and build friendships with so many Early Years mathematics people and one of the exciting outcomes is that there is to be an EECERA SIG group for Mathematics. Further information on this will be provided here once it is up and running.
Meanwhile, with a new academic year starting in the UK, Europe and in the Americas, there is a lot for everyone to think about! Wherever you are (and also if your academic year is part way through) – we encourage you to be strong advocates for children’s play, thinking and meaning making. Together we can make a difference!

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Graphic of the Month

Kamrin’s ‘Tweedle-birds’
This was Kamrin’s response to a problem concerning division by sharing. Kamrin (5 years and 7 months) invented his own system to help him check whether 8 sweets could be divided equally between two people (he had chosen to eight). At the top he wrote a numeral 8 followed by a question mark.






The ‘tweedle birds’ were his own invention and by giving one ‘egg’ to each bird in turn, he was able to work out that 8 could be divided equally between two. After this he moved on to an iconic/symbolic approach exploring other numbers. In this one session it was significant that he realised that there were quicker ways to represent his mathematical thinking.

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