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CONTEXT: Child-initiated play

Attaching meanings to marks and communicating through graphics in pretend play

Oliver, Isaac and David have attached stickers on fences with zigzag marks and other marks and symbols, during their play in the sand area (at first no explanations). Then Isaac uses sticky labels and marks to act as ‘buttons’, sticking them all around the fence.

We can’t always know the meanings of all young children’s marks and symbols but their proliferation is exciting and shows their ease with communications through graphicacy.

Taxonomy: Making meaning in child-initiated play

  • Early explorations with marks: attaching meanings

Gallery 7: The emergence of graphic symbols and texts in pretend play
Gallery 8: Children's graphic symbols and texts in self-initiated contexts.

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Welcome to Anne Shaw from Salford City College, Salford and Caroline Waterhouse from the Early Years and Childcare Team, Blackpool.


Publications - New in 2015:

Carruthers, E. (2015). Listening to children's mathematics in school. In Perry, B., A. MacDonald and A. Gervasoni. Eds. Mathematics and Transition to School: International Perspectives. Sydney, Australia: Springer

Worthington, M. (2015). Mathematics and the ecology of pretend play. In. J. Moyles. Editor. The Excellence of Play. 4th Edition. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

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