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Just returned from one of the study blocks with this year’s cohort, studying for their Early Years Maths Masters modules – lively debate and a great group who are moving things on in their settings.

Meanwhile our research and writing continues; and a (great deal more) reading… I’m currently re-reading a wonderful book by Maryanne Wolf (2010): Proust and the Squid: the story and science of the reading brain. It is evident just how much the processes of reading and writing literally change our brains, especially when one studies young children engaged in graphicacy.

Meanwhile, here’s Oliver -


Nursery: Oliver - 4 years 0 Months

Oliver spent a long time on the whiteboard - ‘This is a dragon with lots of baddies.’ He drew large circular lines, explaining, ‘The dragon is fighting the baddies!’

Then he rubbed this out while talking to Remi and Emma about teams and football scores. Oliver listened and seemed to share understanding of football and scores. He made his own marks to represent the goals in an imaginary football game. Each mark that Oliver made related to a football score in their fantasy football game. Remi’s marks contrasted with Oliver’s, and included some letter-like symbols and scribble-marks.

Taxonomy: Making meaning in social pretend play and imagination.

  • Narrative drawing

  • Exploration with symbols

Gallery 7: The emergence of graphic symbols and texts in pretend play.

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