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Time we really had some ‘news’ here! Following the EECERA conference in Birmingham at the beginning of September, we have written a response to the DFE’s consultation for the Early Years Foundation Stage (with a focus on aspects relating to Early Years maths), and as a member of the executive committee, Maulfry contributed to TACTYC’s response to the same consultation. Elizabeth was recently been accepted as a member of ACME’s ‘outer circle’ where she hopes to add an early years perspective on maths. In the summer we submitted the manuscripts for our new book Understanding Children’s Mathematical Graphics: Beginnings in Play, and accompanying professional development handbook and pack (OUP) – see Nathan’s example below. And we’ve just heard that a new local CM Network group is starting up in Bath and N.E. Somerset! More details coming soon….

Understanding Children’s Mathematical Graphics: Beginnings in Play
This multimodal example is included in the chapter on play, exploring ways in which children make meanings with a variety of materials and in various modes.

Nathan’s astronaut - nursery

Nathan was in the art area, exploring an idea of his own. Taking a white envelope Nathan tucked coloured paper beneath the flap of the envelope, securing it with masking tape. He explained that the coloured paper was an astronaut, and the envelope was his suit: the tape allowed the astronaut to undo his suit (the flap of the envelope) and climb out of the space suit.

Nathan accompanied his spoken explanation with actions, moving his model rapidly above his head in a trajectory to ‘the moon’; saying ‘blast off!’ and making a whooshing sound as, in his imagination, the rocket left earth.

Although the meaning of Nathan’s astronaut was not immediately accessible to adults, the artefact he’d made and his words and vocal sounds combined with his actions and explanation to make symbolic meanings.

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New Members

From the South and South West we’d like to welcome Lynn Blood from Wylye Valley CE VA Primary, Warminster. From the Midlands and East Anglia, welcome to Fiona Lane from St Vincent’s RC Primary School, Birmingham and from London and the South East, welcome to James Fliss from Columbia Market Nursery School, Shoreditch, London.

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