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October 2006

Checking the website statistics, we’re encouraged to see that since the end of August the number of visits has increased by over 55% when compared with visits for the previous eight months! But keep spreading the word – perhaps you can help by emailing the URL for the Children’s Mathematics Network to just three people you know who might just be interested?

This term the email discussion will be launched and we hope you will find something interesting and of value and add your own comments and raise questions too. With Membership numbers growing steadily there is potential for some really stimulating dialogue!

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Graphic of the Month

Garage play outside

We would like to thank Louise Glovers, Nursery Teacher at the Robert Owen Children’s Centre in Greenwich for this lovely photo of Mark. Some of the boys were very excited about playing in the garage role play area (next to the graphics area). Mark chose a corner of the playground explaining that this was a ‘no entry area’ (for cars). He was exploring a sign that children see in many contexts, in a way that was personally meaningful to him at the time. Later in school, he will meet ‘+’ and ‘x’ as signs in mathematics.

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