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November 2006

This month we have added lots of new curriculum links for those of you in England

NEW on the website! See the new sections on Play, Multi-modality and Drawing in the Pedagogy section. We have extended the list of References too.

NEW on the website! Start your own Children's Mathematics Network Group. This month we have also added information to support people who would like to start a local (face-to-face) group with others in Early years. We look forward to a network of groups around the country and across different continents!

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Graphic of the Month

Sam’s marks

Spontaneous marks that young children choose to make within their play provide powerful and meaningful contexts.

Bradley (3.5 years) had been playing in the writing area with the calculator for about 15 minutes, making marks as he looked at the buttons on the calculator. He told his teacher ‘my dad’s got one of these’. Sam (3. 6 years old) was nearby, watching as Bradley used the calculator and made his own marks on paper as he did so (above). Marks such as these are an important feature of young children’s early mathematical development concerning symbols.

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