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Understanding Children’s Mathematical Graphics: Beginnings in Play

Our second book is finally out (see below)! We believe that it demonstrates the significance of pretence and imagination in early childhood education. It highlights the power of play and of all aspects of graphicacy where learning cultures support such rich experiences. We hope that readers will be as delighted as we were to read all the wonderful examples of children's mathematical thinking, so generously shared by teachers and practitioners who are exploring children's mathematical graphics in their own classes and settings. Maulfry, Editor.

The example below is included in chapter 3 of our book.

Early bi-literacy: ‘bi-literacy’ refers to children and adults who combine their first and second languages when writing. Drawing and writing are aspects of semiotics that also use abstract symbols.

Lay Hau Yun’s home language is Cantonese. This example shows how she represented her name twice, first as a zigzag line (top left) as many young children do in English, and then on the right, in Cantonese characters. On another occasion whilst playing, she was writing numbers as she counted, beginning ‘1’ and ‘2’ and following this with the written Cantonese character 三 for ‘3’, integrating her knowledge of both written languages.

Emergent writing: explorations with symbols

See also: Gallery 5: Beginnings in Play

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Just out! Carruthers, E. and Worthington, M. (2011) Understanding Children's Mathematical Graphics: Beginnings in Play. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

New! Worthington, M. (2011) ‘Coomuniceren in rekentaal: noodzakelijk voor kinderen in hun spel.’ ‘(‘Communicating mathematically – ‘necessary’ for children in their play’). Zone. No. 1. March 2011 (Dutch teachers' magazine)

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