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James is a young four-year old and in his first term at school. Registers have personal meaning to young children as they think about their peers and identify each, enacting the teacher’s role. At nursery and school writing ‘registers’ is often a preoccupation in children’s play.

In this instance James has used a range of letter-like signs, written from left to right. He understands that writing in our alphabetic script uses different letters and has thought about some of their features. He also includes short zigzags, perhaps encoding his sense of the appearance of cursive ‘writing’, or capturing the movement of an adult’s hand as she writes.

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James - 'Seeing who's here'

Imagination and symbolic play: making meaning with marks for writing

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Welcome to the many new members who have joined the Children’s Mathematics Network in the past two months – we will be including your names just as soon as we can (we’re busy completing our second book)!

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New! Carruthers, E. (2010) 'How children use graphics to support mathematical thinking.' Early Years Educator (EYE) June. 39-44..

Nearly New! QDCA Report (2010) 'The first year of implementation of the early years foundation stage'

Recent DCSF publication Children Thinking Mathematically: (Dec, 2009).

Commissioned by the DCSF and in direct response to Recommendation 4 of the Williams Maths Review and written by Elizabeth Carruthers & Maulfry Worthington by (excepting p. 47-50).

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