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May 2006

Website visitors

The number of visitors to our website grows each month includes visitors from around the world. In the past month the top 10 counties (highest visitor numbers) were – in order: the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Cyprus, New Zealand, India, Brunei Darussalam, USA and Argentina.

Membership of the Children’s Mathematics Network continues to grow and we are delighted to welcome members from Australia, India, New Zealand, Nigeria and the USA, in addition to members from the United Kingdom!

Australia calling!

We welcome news and feedback from members and visitors (and of course if you are just visiting, you may decide you’d like to become a member too). Additionally we would like to add sections from members in specific countries: so, to make a start we would welcome news from Australia! Please email us with news of what is happening in your state in Early Years education generally; links to relevant websites; recent reports; E.Y. curricula including mathematics and related aspects - drawing; early (emergent) writing; thinking; play and creativity. We’re aware that there is growing interest in multi-modality in Australia and maybe you have some perspectives on this?

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Graphic of the month – see below.

Frances and the train

Our class of 4 – 6 year olds had travelled by train to visit an old ‘pannier’ market in a town in the north of the county and on the return journey our carriage was very crowded. The following day Aaron commented “I bet there were a million people on the train!”

After some discussion about how we might find out, Aaron phoned the railway station. Returning to the class he told his friends that there had been 7 carriages on our train and 75 seats in each carriage. A number of children were intrigued by this large quantity and wanted to find out how many there were altogether. Each chose their own ways to work this out (with resources or through representing their thinking on paper).

Frances explored a number of ways before drawing representations of the seats in one carriage (below). She self-checked and found that she had drawn one too many and crossed it out. In order to represent the remaining 6 carriages, Frances asked if she could photocopy her first carriage – an interesting solution using repeated addition. Frances was 6 years and 1 month at the time.

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