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From new CMN member Susan Scoffin: 'I am so excited to have discovered this site and to begin reading all the resources and important research. I am a PhD student at the University of Toronto and am just about to begin working as a member of a research team researching the effects of Ontario's recent introduction of Full Day Every Day kindergarten. I will be exploring student mathematical understanding through examining and analyzing over 500 pieces of data in the form of children's drawings. This builds on my MA research work on how children experience mathematics in child care settings. In that study I examined their mathematical explorations and representations in their art and drawings. Thank you so much for your dedication to this important work and for sharing it with others', OISE, University of Toronto, Canada.

CONTEXT: spontaneous pretend play

Shereen takes orders: nursery 4.6 years

Shereen collected some and dishes and stuffed inside a nearby cardboard box (using it as an oven). Telling her friends to sit down, she picking up a notepad and asked, ‘You like some food? I got soup, rice, chips?’

One of her friends said she’d like some rice and Shereen wrote a series of small spirals along the lines on the paper, adding ‘You like some drink?’ Her friend said that she would and Shereen again made similar spiral marks on her notepad. When the other child shook her head (not wanting to play), Shereen asked ‘You not very hungry?’ and turning to a new page wrote a series of ‘x x x x x’ across the page. She then took some bowls and handed one to the child saying ‘Your rice’.

Continuing her café play outside with friends, Shereen took more orders for food. She then used vertical lines as shorthand for numbers of items on a shopping list, counting each line up to 20.

Taxonomy: Making meaning in social pretend play and imagination.

Written number and quantities:

  • Exploring symbols

  • Representing quantities that are counted

Gallery 7: The emergence of graphic symbols and texts in pretend play

Welcome to New Member

Welcome to Julia Morgans, Sharley Park Community Primary School, Chesterfield - North and North East; to Sugandree Chavda from Little Angels Day Nursery, Northfleet - London and South East and to Jennifer O'Hara Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, Scotland. Welcome also to Susan Scoffin from the University of Toronto, Peterborough, Canada.


New! BERA/TACTYC (2014) Early Years Policy Advice: Play and Pedagogy. Early Years: policy advice and future research agendas. BERA/TACTYC, (pp 8-9 prepared by M. Worthington).

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For 2014: National Masters Module in Early Childhood Mathematics: Redcliffe Children's Centre, Bristol with Bath Spa University. Just a few places remaining. Please note change of starting date.

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