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New! 6th Annual Conference with Michael Rosen:
a celebration of children enjoying books and becoming readers for life

 The example below is included in chapter 7 of our new book Understanding Children’s Mathematical Graphics: Beginnings in Play

Mimi's Crosses (3 years 4 months)

The mathematics: quantities, counting, shape and space

Mimi was playing outside: she made a series of crosses on the ground and drew a line around them, enclosing some single crosses. She explained to some children nearby, ‘Now everyone can no come!’ However, one of the children walked across Mimi’s crosses, causing her to emphasise, ‘No! She no come!’ Mimi then drew a boundary around two of the crosses to further emphasise that she wanted the space to be kept free from other children. After an interval, one of the children also took a chalk and drew a long line bypassing Mimi’s symbols and, in response, Mimi also drew a long line creating a wide boundary that enclosed all her crosses – and then stood on guard over them.

Mimi used graphical symbols to communicate and re-emphasise her message to others, using repeated crosses to deny access to the space in which she was playing. Crosses appear to be one of the first symbols that young children consciously create. Children use them flexibly to signify and communicate many things in their drawings and maps, and in their early writing and mathematical graphics.


Making meanings in pretence and imagination: exploring symbols

Gallery 5: Beginnings in Play


Website statistics:

Last month we noted the annual number of visitors for 2011, and the many countries from which they come. Since Christmas, (and outside of the United Kingdom), Australia, the Russian Federation, South Africa, Ukraine, Switzerland, Mexico, India, Germany, Singapore, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands have the next highest numbers of visitors.

It is always interesting to reflect on possible reasons for interest from particular countries: One of our contacts in Australia suggests that their high levels of visitor interest may be due to their current political agenda, as there is a push there for mandatory pre-school education and a national curriculum for the first time. The thread linking the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands may be interest in Vygotsky.

If visitors to our website from any of these countries would like to get in touch – we’d be delighted to hear from you – and of course we are always delighted to hear from members and visitors from anywhere in the world!

New Members

From London and the South East welcome to Karen Clarke from Bromley, London, and from the Midlands and East Anglia welcome to Allison Stowell from Oswestry. From the South and South West welcome to Moreen Burton from Dorchester in Dorset. Welcome also to Jenny Fowler from Mawson Lakes PS, Adelaide in Australia.


New! Worthington, M. (2012) 'The power of graphicacy for the young child' in
T. Papatheodorou and J. Moyles (Eds.) Cross Cultural Perspectives on Early Childhood. London: Sage Publication

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