CMNetwork E-bulletin: March 2009

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The Final Report of the Researching Effective Continuing Professional Development in Mathematics (RECME) project will be published at: NCETM International Research Conference:

RECME is a major investigation into CPD initiatives throughout England, into what makes effective CPD for teachers.

Our 'Children's Mathematics Network Groups' initiative through the Bristol CM Network Group, was one of those studied and will be featured at the conference.

Graphic of the month

John - Subtracting Grapes

John (5 years) represented the total quantity of grapes he had and crossed out the 2 he had eaten. He then added 2 arrows to reinforce his understanding about ‘taking away’ (and perhaps to help communicate to others, what he had done).

John has represented his calculation as narrative action, in which there is a strong sense of sequenced narrative and conclusion (answer). John began by writing across the page but (due to the orientation of his paper) decided to curve the string of numbers in order to fit it on the page.

Early operations: the development of children’s own written methods

  • Counting Continuously;

  • Exploring symbols.

See: taxonomy of development

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Welcome to new members:

from the North of England, welcome to Catherine Armstrong from Hollywood Park Nursery Centre, Stockport; Jane Edwards of Freshfield Nursery School, Stockport; to Elizabeth Powell from West End Primary School, Leeds; from London and the South East, welcome to Catherine Corr of Tippy Toes Daycare Unit, Thornton Heath, Croydon; from the South and South West, welcome to Amanda Norman from Brockenhurst College, Hampshire.

From Zambia, welcome to Kershen Sivanarain of Lotusville Primary School, Durban.


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We are delighted that a group of nursery schools has established the Stockport Nursery Schools’ C.M. Network group and wish them well in their endeavours with children’s mathematical graphics. Are you interested in setting up a group in your area?


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