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  • Written number and quantities:
    representing quantities that are not counted

Data handling: favourite zoo animals (4-5 year-olds)

The children in this class had visited the local zoo the previous day and when they arrived at school were engaged in heated discussions about the ‘best’ animals they had seen.

Their teacher capitalized on their interest by suggesting they might find out what their friends’ favourites were. Several children chose to represent their own preferences. Bianca drew a tiger, lion, giraffe and - and then decided to write her friends’ names at the foot of her paper as each of them told her which their favourite animal was from those she had drawn.

Tommy drew his favourite animals (left to right) – a lion, a crocodile, a giraffe and a tiger. Each time he asked one of the children to name their choice, Tommy marked a cross beneath the animal they had selected.

Later when we looked at the children’s findings it became clear that some were easier to interpret than others and this led to a discussion of possible ways of representing findings so that others could readily interpret and understand the data.

For young children data handling is far more meaningful if they can make personal decisions such as these and come to shared understanding through dialogue. These examples show individual’s thinking at the time (rather than one that is ‘better’ than the other) and are equally important in the children’s development.

  • Written number and quantities:
    representing quantities that are counted

Building on what the children already understand has much more meaning to them than (for example) being told to colour in squares on a block graph. It will help them to understand the value of certain layouts and to make effective choices about how to represent their data.
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The past month has included several courses for teachers that we have led. There have also been visits to settings and schools in England involved in Maulfry’s research (CMGrEN) to discuss the exciting observations that the teachers have made.

We are both also engaged in on-going discussions with Researching Effective CPD in Mathematics Education (RECME): a national project by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM). For this research Dr Jennie Black will be gathering data during the coming months on three aspects of our work related to children's mathematical graphics. She will be talking to teachers in the Bristol Children's Mathematics Network group and to some of the project teachers involved in the CMGrEN (European) Research on play, meaning-making and mathematics. She will also visit Redcliffe Children's Centre in Bristol and discuss their mathematics CPD with teachers and practitioners who work there. Meanwhile Elizabeth is engaged in research on Leadership in Children’s Centres, focusing on their research (more on this next month).

The following items have been added to the website this month:

Welcome to new members

From London and the South East, welcome to: Linda Agar, St Winifred's Infant School, Lewisham; Allison Aves,  Belmore Nursery, Hayes; Kelly Brown,  Fairview Community Primary School, Rainham; Anna Chowdhury, Heber Primary School, East Dulwich;  Gill Colclough,  Warren Wood County Primary School, Medway; Rachel Chapman, Dorothy Gardner Centre, Westminster; Bev Howland; The Pilgrim School, Rochester; Georgina Kershaw, St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Gillingham; Yvonne Kisiedu; Berrymede Infants & Nursery, Acton; Kirsty Lee, Gordon Infants School, Strood; Sarah Mann, Canterbury Christchurch University; Lyn McCann, St William of Perth School, Rochester; Birute Minkstimaite, Archbishop Sumner Primary School, Lambeth; Katy Parsons, Hitherfield Primary School, Lambeth; Rachel Pemberton, St Mary's Island CofE, Rochester; Emma Pobjoy, Pastures Way Nursery, Luton; Rivka Rosenberg, Heber Primary School, East Dulwich; Kerry Seales, Delce Infants School, Rochester; Jane Shields, Thames View Infants School, Rainham; Chris Stanton, Chelsea Open Air Nursery School and Children's Centre; Karen Tillett, Deanwood Primary School, Gillingham; Teresa Kiely; Westminster; Claire Vigis, Allhallows Primary School, Rochester; Debbie Wakeling, Hamsted Infant and Nursery School, Southend; Robert Wyld, Harman's Water Primary School, Bracknell; Valerie Yeales, St Michael's RCP, Chatham
From the North of England
welcome to
Marion Storey; Fishburn Primary School, Fishburn, Stockton-On-Tees, Cleveland
the South and South West England welcome to: Allison Johnston, Blaise Primary School, Bristol
And from the USA
, welcome to Michael Read, California State University at Monterey Bay.


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