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March 2007: Network News

Two major new reports:


  • Ofsted Report (2007): the Foundation Stage - 'children's low achievement in early reading, writing and calculation in some settings must be tackled so they are able to achieve the best possible outcomes to set them on the right path for their future education'

Article: ‘Young Children Exploring Early Calculations'

Gallery: The development of children’s early calculations

CPD opportunities: 'Children's Mathematical Graphics and Early Written Calculations'

We continue to be very busy with courses and conferences

Additionally Maulfry visited several Primary and nursery schools in the Gambia.

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Graphic of the month

Chloë's Dinner Register

Chloë (5 years) had brought her own exercise book from home to play with in the graphics area. She said she was “making register”. She wrote the names down (as squiggles) for the children in the class and then counted them to see if she’d made the right number of marks. She counted to 4 and then counted random numbers to 20. She used number strips to check and count how many children were in the class. She chose to use tallies to represent the number of children who were away.

Chloë has a statement of special needs and finds articulating language difficult: this was the first time that she had shown any interest in the graphics area.

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