CMNetwork E-bulletin: June/July 2014

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CONTEXT: pretend play outside

Ayaan's Television

Accompanied by Zalluyah, Ayaan told her ‘My baby need TV.’

Picking up a small piece of red paper, Ayaan made her signature ‘A’ along with intersecting lines. Returning inside the gazebo she hunted for tape and fixed her drawing to the gazebo wall.

Ayaan carefully placed the doll in a chair, Taking a strip of raffle tickets too, facing towards the ‘TV’ and pressing the raffle ticket to turn on the TV.

Ayaan appeared to have used the ‘A’ of her name, and other grid-like marks to signify a television. In choosing to use a book of raffle tickets as a remote control, Ayaan made connections between the raffle ticket's numerals and those on a remote control.

Taxonomy: Making meaning in social pretend play and imagination.

  • Exploring symbols

Gallery 7: The emergence of graphic symbols and texts in pretend play / child initiated activity.


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