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June 2006

NEW on the website! We hope you find the re-vamped Pedagogy page useful! We will be developing this over the next few months with curriculum links to different countries in the UK and around the world. There will also be specific sections on multi-modality, play, drawing, emergent writing, thinking, talk, schemas and creativity – all aspects of young children’s learning that support their mathematical graphics.

Welcome to our new members from Northern Ireland and Mexico this month!

Amelie’s dice game

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Graphic of the month

Amelie’s dice game

This was a teacher-planned activity that provided open opportunities for children to explore their thinking. Each pair of children had two dice between them and were invited to ‘put something down of paper’ to show what they got each time they rolled the dice. Amelie was four and a half years old.

Amelie counted the dots each time she rolled the dice and carefully made the same number of dots with her pen on the right side of her paper. She has also used letters from her own name (particularly the capital ‘A’) and her age number ‘4’. She noticed the marks and symbols that some of her friends used and added several ‘+’ signs and also a ‘=’ sign at the top of the paper, with some numerals written within boxes. She ‘read’ the ‘e’ as ‘eight’ (a similar shaped symbol).

Amelie was very proud of this piece – it is dynamic and full of energy and spontaneity of a young child.

Letter to the TES, June 16, 2006

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