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The FINAL REPORT of The Independent Review of Mathematics Teaching in Early Years Settings and Primary Schools (England) - also known as ‘The Williams Maths Review’ is now published. The review's recommendations, have all been accepted by the Government.

Children’s mathematical graphics feature in the report (Chapter 3: Early Years) and is one of the report’s official recommendations.

Graphic of the month

Alex's Numbers (small numerals were written by the teacher following Alex's explanation)
Adults sometimes refer to a child ‘not knowing his numbers’. In this example, Alex (4 years 11 months) decided to write his own symbols for numbers he wanted to write. This was self-initiated and did not appear to relate to anything he had been counting at that moment.

Alex used elements of standard letters (for example, ‘2’, 5’, ‘6’ and ‘7’) and numerals (e.g. ‘3’ and ‘4’) that he knew. He used the initial letter ‘A’ from his name and was consistent when writing ‘5’. There are a number of other positive aspects in the symbols Alex used that show just how much he already knows about written numbers – it’s just that he does not yet know our numbers!


The development of written number and quantities:
  • Early written numerals

See taxonomy of development

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  • A warm welcome to the Craven Children’s Mathematics Network Group in Skipton, Yorkshire. This is the second of the CM Network’s local groups and we would like to wish them every success and many happy discussions!
  • Redcliffe Children's Centre’s second national conference in Bristol on May 14th, 2008 was a great success. The conference focus on Play, Thinking and Imagination: Understanding Children's Play drew many teachers and practitioners to listen to speakers on aspects of play, including Liz Woods of Exeter University who spoke on 'Progression and Continuity in Play'. and Penny Holland from London Metropolitan University, speaking on ‘Super Hero Play. What’s it all about?’ The day was enriched by presentations from Emma Higgins, Carole Keane and Sue Cook - three expert teachers from Redcliffe Children’s Centre who have been engaged in a research project on multimodality and children's mathematical graphics.
  • National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM): Partner Organisations

From the NCETM website:

'The National Centre works together with a number of key organisations in the mathematics teaching, learning and CPD community. These organisations with whom we are undertaking joint activities are seen as our key partners. A list of the National Centre key partners is given below along with a brief overview of how we are working together.'

List of Partners

Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)
Association of Mathematics Education Teachers (AMET)
Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM)

Children's Mathematics Network (CMN)

General Teaching Council for England (GTCE)
Joint Mathematical Council (JMC)
Mathematical Association (MA)
National Association of Mathematics Advisers (NAMA)
National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in Colleges (NANAMIC)
National Science Learning Centres
Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA)

Welcome to new members:

From London and the South East, welcome to Sarah Bourner, Southampton University
Shanyu Holtzhausen, Harman's Water Primary School, Bracknell and Sriranjani Vasagan from Harrow. From the North of England, welcome to Clare Hall at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.

The following items have been added to the website this month:

Recent reports new on the website

New! Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum: Latest reports, May 16th 2008


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