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The example below is from Redcliffe Children’s Centre and maintained nursery in Bristol.

Sameeha’s trampoline

At this age children explore their cultural knowledge holistically rather than treating mathematics as something they address separately.

The mathematics: numbers for ages

Commenting on her drawing, Sameeha said ‘That’s trampoline and it’s wet ‘cos it’s been raining. That’s in case they fall off.’ She wrote a series of numerals ‘3’ explaining ‘Cos they have to be three, ‘cos I’m three. This is the chair in case they get tired. My mummy’s thirty three, no - thirty six.’

Sameeha added green pen marks, ‘That’s a green trampoline for my brother. Only girls allowed on this one and boys on this one.’ She then went on to explain other features she’d drawn, ‘These are all the clouds and all the rain falling to the ground. It’s snowing now. It snowed yesterday. My mummy said it will snow tomorrow.’

In their play and graphics young children draw on their personal cultural knowledge. Here Sameeha included references to her experiences of playing on a trampoline, the rain and snow, her knowledge of ages in her family and imagined different cultural ‘rules’ for boys and girls.


Written number and quantities: numerals as labels

Gallery 3: Redcliffe Children’s Centre and maintained nursery

New Members

Welcome to Clare Rafferty | Teacher and Maths subject leader, 4-11 years | from Holly Mount RC Primary School, Bury, in the North of England, and to Jean Schafer | Head of Department, from St Andrew's Preparatory, Grahamstown, Zambia, South Africa.


New! Gallery 3: Redcliffe Children’s Centre and maintained nursery

Research Update

New! BA students at University of Northampton supporting TACTYC’s 2011 play research

Research findings: ‘The Early Years Foundation Stage through the daily experiences of children’

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