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Discussion Forum - Update

Since it was set up, contributions to the CM Network online Discussion Forums have been decidedly ‘light’ (but thank you to those who have contributed)! We have made a change to the website and introduced a new Pedagogy page in its place. This will grow in content over the coming months.

We plan to re-introduce the Discussion Forum for focused discussions of shorter duration in the future - so watch this space!

Graphic of the month

Karl's Tables

Karl’s teacher told the children that the headteacher had to do an audit and count everything in the school! She wondered if the children would be interested in helping – and choose something to count in their class.

The children were very excited. Karl (4 years 9 months) decided to count the tables in the classroom. He noticed the many legs tucked beneath the tables and showed something of the appearance of ‘lots of legs’ as he drew each of the ten tables.

When he’d finished Karl counted and recounted, putting a mark with his pen on each table he’d drawn. Checking (without being asked suggests reflection and mature behaviour. Finally, at the top Karl wrote his approximation of ‘10’ and his teacher wrote ’10’ in pencil beneath.

Written number and quantities

  • Representing quantities that are counted

Early Operations: children’s own written methods

  • Counting continuously

See:  taxonomy of development

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Welcome to new members

From India, welcome to Deepak Sharma from Groomwell School in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

CM Network Groups

The Stockport CM Network Group has recently held their first meeting and invites new members to join them.


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