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Graphic of the month

Tommy and the Elephant
When he was playing, Tommy (4 years: 10 months) chose to copy the numbers on a ‘hundred square’ on the door of the classroom. He was very engrossed in what he was doing and carefully copied the numbers to ‘60’. He then drew a hamster by the numeral ‘1’; and drew himself by the numeral ‘4’. Finally he drew an elephant next to the number ‘60’.

The previous day Tommy’s class had been for a visit to the zoo. When he showed his teacher what he had done, he explained that hamsters don’t live very long and that he was four years old, finally adding ‘elephants live a long time’.

Tommy had made a significant step in relating his knowledge about ages and animals’ life expectancies. He had combined his knowledge with what he had just learnt at the zoo and devised his own system of labelling.

The development of written number and quantities:

  • Numerals as labels

See: taxonomy of development

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Midlands and East Anglia: a warm welcome to Daryl de Ronde from Chapel St Nursery in Luton. Welcome to the following new members from London and the South East: Chris Atkins, Early Years Advisor, Medway; Julie de Jersey from Twydale Infant School, Gillingham; Clare Robinson, Early Years Advisor, Medway; Mairi Claire Sayers at St William of Perth R.C. Primary School, Rochester and Karin Tillett from Deanwood School, Gillingham

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