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Graphic of the month

Jack (4 years 11 months): adding grapes

We were using grapes to explore addition (they would eat the grapes later). Jack chose two separate amounts of grapes to add for each of his calculations and decided to use paper and pen to help him explore the use of symbols.

He left a gap between the two sets of grapes in each calculation so that it can be read as
‘4 + 3’ (and below) ‘6 + 6’. We term this use of a space between two sets to be added or subtracted implicit symbols, since whilst the child has not at this stage represented the addition symbol, his layout – and when he reads it out,


shows he has implied the symbol and recognized that an operant is needed. Finally Jack drew a line in each calculation before writing the total: this line functioned as an equals sign for Jack at this point in time, helping him move towards a deep understanding of standard symbols (see the Taxonomy and exploring symbols)

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New Publication: Worthington, M. (2007) ‘Exceptional children: researching the young child’s mathematics’, Primary Mathematics: see Maths Coordinator File 25: Early Years Issue. May.

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