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Graphic of the month

Charlotte’s ‘hundreds and pounds’


 Charlotte (4 years, 2 months) was with her friend Jessica in the nursery. They had each selected a piece of paper and chosen coloured pens, holding as many as they could in each hand and covering their paper with dots. As they excitedly made marks, Charlotte told her teacher, ‘Look!  I’m doing hundreds and pounds!

 Charlotte’s reference to ‘hundred’s and pounds' meant that she was making connections with the quantity of dots which seemed a lot to her. Both a ‘hundred’ and ‘pounds’ fits into her thinking about a lot. Charlotte used spoken language to express what the marks she made on paper suggested to her, attending to the link between her marks and the mathematical vocabulary of quantity in a general sense.

 Written number and quantities:  

§         early explorations with marks

§         representing quantities that are not counted

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Wishing you all a very Happy and a fulfilling New Year for 2008 from the Children’s Mathematics Network!

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Welcome to new members

From The North of England welcome to: Mandy Neill, Student Teacher, Ks 2/3/4 in Blackpool and Nicola Whiteside, Senior Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University.


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