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The examples below are included in our recent book Understanding Children’s Mathematical Graphics: Beginnings in Play

Gallery 6: Genres


Some children are fascinated by maps and map-making. The practitioner’s role is to support children’s interests and provide materials to stimulate further discussion.

Figure 1: Tiyanni Figure 2: Maria and Macey

Tiyanni was in the garden with Macey and Maria, looking at a map in a large old diary. Maria talked about the time she’d gone to Jamaica and pointed it out on the map. Tiyanni explained, 'that’s where my Grandma and Grandad is’ and Maria talked about the beach on Jamaica. Picking up a blue pen Tiyanni made some marks in the diary, explaining ‘This is swimming’ (figure 1).

Maria marked a dot on the map where Tokyo was, saying ‘That’s where Misaki comes from’ (Misaki had been a member of staff and had recently returned home to Japan): (figure 2). As Maria (one of the practitioners) talked about other countries, Macey added further dots to the map.

Figure 3: Macey Figure 4: Macey

Turning to another page in the diary, Macey made small marks in two columns and said ‘That’s where I live’ (figure 3). She then drew lines and small marks on another page, to represent where Tiyanni lived (figure 4).

Figure 5: Nathan (3 years 7 months).

Tracing his spiral marks Nathan explained ‘It’s a road’, then pointing to smaller marks in the centre – ‘Here’s the trees.’

Figure 6: Cameron (3 years, 4 months)

Cameron pointed to a small shape he’d drawn, ‘That’s the minibus’ (that the children travel to the forest each week). Moving his finger along one of the circular lines he showed where the minibus went.

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Taxonomy: Making meanings in pretence, imagination and role-play including drawing, maps and writing.

Gallery 6: Genres

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From the South and South West of England, welcome to Becky Harris from St. John's C.E. V.C. Primary School, Bristol.


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