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For 2014: National Masters Module in Early Childhood Mathematics: Redcliffe Children's Centre, Bristol with Bath Spa University. Just a few places remaining.


Elizabeth, 4.0 years: ‘Who wants an ice cream?’

Elizabeth ran around the garden with two other children. One of them arrived at the gazebo and began to write ‘prices’ on a notebook. Elizabeth followed suit and drew a symbol. ‘That’s pounds’ (‘£’) she explained, then ‘Who wants ice cream?’ A child came towards her ‘My first customer’ she said.

Elizabeth has used a personal symbol that imitates something of the appearance of the symbol for ‘£’ on its side. From 3 – 4 + years children are becoming increasingly encultured into the symbolic written languages of writing and mathematics, making links with their home cultural knowledge and using signs and symbols in meaningful social contexts.

Taxonomy: Making meaning in social pretend play and imagination.

Written number and quantities:

  • Exploring symbols

Gallery 7: The emergence of graphic symbols and texts in pretend play

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New! BERA/TACTYC (2014) Early Years Policy Advice: Play and Pedagogy. Early Years: policy advice and future research agendas. BERA/TACTYC, (pp 8-9 prepared by M. Worthington).

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