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For those working in early childhood education England, we’ve added a link to TACTYC’s petition regarding the proposed phonics test for 6 year olds. If you share our concerns about added pressures on young children and an increase to this culture of testing, and the impact this will surely have on teaching in the nursery and reception classes, please sign.

The current government in England has withdrawn their plans to publish EYFS Profile results by school and assess children with new 'readiness for school' measures at the age of five.

Understanding Children’s Mathematical Graphics: Beginnings in Play

The example below is included in chapter 8 of our forthcoming book, which focuses on children exploring mathematical graphics in small groups.

Written number and quantities: early explorations with marks; representing quantities that are not counted

Link to Gallery 5: Beginnings in Play

In the nursery Oliver was exploring rulers and set squares with his friends. One of the children used a ruler to draw a triangle and then pivoted the set square, using it as a template to get the shape he wanted. Oliver used the rulers to measure the length of the table, lining them up carefully in a straight line and then using them to draw across the table. Others enjoyed freely drawings across the length of the large sheet of paper.

The children used a great deal of mathematical language as they chatted about their lines, shapes and drawings, developing their understandings of measurement and shape. Their free play enabled them explore aspects of measurement in open-ended ways.

New Members

From London, welcome to Hafiza Ali from Carlton Vale Infants School, Kilburn; Emma Cooper from Wembley Primary School, Wembley; Ebru Duymaz from St Mary’s C. of E. Brent; Janet Ellis from Fawood Children’s Centre, Brent; Julia Godar from St Nicholas Primary School, Brent; Gina Goody from Fawood Children’s Centre, Brent; Aleksandra Haitias from St Margaret Clitherow, Neasden; Maggie Hams from Jelli Tots Nursery, Brent; Tahnee Mcleod from Newfield Primary School, Harlesden; Sarah Neno from Brent LA; Candice Noakes from Carlton Vale Infants School, Kilburn; Saifo Qurashi from Islamia Primary School, Kilburn; Selina Smullen; Braintcroft Primary School, Brent; Sadeya Sultana from A Perfect Start Nursery, Wembley; Paulette Thomas and Emma Sharp from Princess Frederica C. of E. Primary School, Kensal Green and to Maggie Woonton from Brent LA.

From India, welcome to Rakesh Kumar from Swathi School, Jammikunta, Andhra Pradesh to Seraphina Kurumeh from Benue State University, Makurdi in Nigeria, and to J. Chavez from Chicago, USA.

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New! The Foundation Years: preventing poor children becoming poor adults: Frank Field MP.

New! Link to TACTYC’s online petition in protest against the government’s proposed phonics test for 6 year olds.

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