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Children’s mathematical graphics: ‘Early Years provision: Playing with maths’: Education Guardian , 19th January, 2010 - ‘When we read the Williams Report about maths mark-making, a little light went on’ (Nursery headteacher, Newburn Manor Nursery School, Newcastle)’.

BUT - ‘’… young children’s scribbles and scribbles can often be their way of describing a complex thought process.”

Letter to the Guardian in reply

Mark making

New! DCSF publication Children Thinking Mathematically: (Dec, 2009).

Commissioned by the DCSF and in direct response to Recommendation 4 of the Williams Maths Review and written by Elizabeth Carruthers & Maulfry Worthington by (excepting p. 47-50).


Max (Nursery)– ‘Yoda’s house

Link to Gallery 5: Graphicacy

Max drew on his personal interest of the ‘Star Wars’ films in his representation of ‘Yoda’s house’. Although he didn’t give any explain for the details he had drawn, his drawing suggests a plan or a map, with various featured identified by their location on the page and their relationship with each other.

The outer green circle suggests that Max was thinking about the inside of Yoda’s house, and the different arrangements and shapes (of lines and other abstract symbols) suggest that he used them to convey very specific meaning).

Max included an arrow pointing inwards (lower right). Our research has shown that arrows play a distinct role in children’s own early calculations. see:

  • Carruthers, E. and Worthington, M. (2008) 'Children's mathematical graphics: young children calculating for meaning' in I. Thompson, (Ed.) (2008) Teaching and Learning Early Number, Maidenhead: Open University Press, (2nd ed.).

New Members

From London and the South East, welcome to Janet Banjo from the Willow Children's Centre, Wembley;  Kim Cobham from Happy Child Nursery, Harlesden; Uden Desilva from the University of Sussex, Wimbledon; Lyn El-Amery, Joy Harper, Linda Lockie, Jackie Marsh, Charan Sharma and Jane Stewart – all from Brent LA. Welcome also to Maggie Harris from Jelli Tots Nursery, Brent; Sharon Kalsi from Curzon Crescent Children's Centre, Harlesden; Siobahn Raji from Fawood Children’s Centre, Harlesden; Chris White from Lavender Pre-school and Simone Wright from Kingsbury Green Primary School, Brent.

We would like to welcome our first member from Jordon, Dominic Johnson from the International Academy Amman.

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New! Carruthers, E. and Worthington, M. (2010) ‘Children’s mathematical graphics: understanding the key concept’. NRICH: University of Cambridge.

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