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Matt's Marks

Matt had just had his third birthday. At home he sat on the kitchen floor near his aunt who was writing postcards. Matt announced that he was ‘drawing’. He rapidly covered many sheets of scrap paper with a range of marks, some which he names as ‘drawings’ and others were written messages, which he explained.

Showing this piece to his aunt, he ‘read’ it as ‘I spell 80354’. This was the first time that he had attached mathematical meanings to any marks he had made. Matt is growing up in a family in which his marks and early representations are encouraged and valued. At home reading books, using the computer and writing are all daily events and part of everyone’s experience.

This example shows that Matt understands that marks can carry meanings and are sometimes be used to represent numerals. Perhaps he was thinking about a phone numbers he’d heard, as a reference point for his number string. Talk about how to ‘spell’ may also be something he’s heard discussed with regard to spelling his brother’s name or his own..

The development of written number and quantities

  • Early explorations with marks – attaching mathematical meanings

See: taxonomy of development

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Welcome to new members:

from the North of England, welcome to Susan Finch from Hindley Sure Start Children’s Centre, Wigan; Katie Hebden from Millfields Primary School, Eastham and Kelly Lewis from Newburn Manor Nursery, Newcastle. From London and the South East, welcome to Sarah Blakeley from St Mary's C of E Infant School, London; Myra Bloomfield from Ridgewell Cof E Primary School, Ridgewell Katie Denman from Mulberry House School, Camden; Liz George from Flora Gardens Primary School, Hammersmith and Fulham; from Fliss Hardie from St Bede's Infant School, Streatham; Andrea Haynes from Lambeth (LA) Early Years; Ellen Jackson from St James the Great School, Croyden; Delia Jamieson from St Joseph's Infant School, Camberwell; Leigh Kay from Hereward House School, Camden; Lyndsey Kilkenny from Eversley Primary School, Enfield; Lucy McKienan from St Joseph's Catholic Infant school, Camberwell, Lambeth; Susan McInerney from Abercorn School, St John's Wood; Judy Naidoo from St Joan of Arc Primary School, Islington; Kirsten Rogers from Kingsley Primary School, Croyden; Sam Spooner-Green from Cheam Park Farm Infants, Cheam, Sutton; welcome to Jo Stonehouse from Millfields Community School, Hackney; to Laura Wanless from Burlington Infants, Kingston upon Thames and Bianca Willmore from William Bellamy Infants School, Dagenham. From the South and South West, welcome to Sovay Bass-Carruthers from Topsham, Exeter!

From Ireland, welcome also to Laura Walsh from Colaiste Mhuire, Marino Institute of Education, Dublin and from India, welcome to Abhineet Singh, Content Developer from Pratham, Delhi.


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