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February 2007: Network News

CM Network local groups

We are delighted that 2007 sees the start of the first two CM Network local groups! The first is starting in Bristol in the south-west of England and there is also interest in Luxembourg. We hope that this will just be the beginning of a ‘web’ of groups that reach out and connect teachers in the UK and beyond! It’s very straight-forward to start you own group.

Visitors and members

Last year’s webs statistics showed considerable growth in visits to the site over the year and we were delighted to have visitors from 98 countries around the world! This is reflected in our membership, with members from sixteen countries in addition to those in the United Kingdom!

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Graphic of the month

Louisa’s dial

In the graphics area, Louisa, 4.9 years, made what at first glance appears to be a clock. In her class the teacher gave each group of children certain options for them to choose for play. When Louisa showed me her dial she assigned an activity to the numerals 1 – 5: bricks, puzzles, role-play, reading and painting. She paused with her finger on ‘6’, and unable to think of other play possibilities in her class she smiled and explained ‘you have to sleep’. As she moved the hand of the dial she stopped at the letters ‘fo’ (off) and explained ‘this is where you turn it off’.

Louisa had related what she knew about analogue clocks to that of her classroom culture: perhaps she was also making links with her home culture too, where after playing at the end of the day she goes to sleep.

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