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Research - impact on pedagogy

Our own in-depth research into early mathematical notation began 18 years ago, introducing evidence of children's mathematical graphics (a term we originated) and its significance and for the first time, charting children's developing understanding of the symbolic 'written' language of mathematics through our taxonomy . Our research continues, now focusing on the genesis of children's mathematical graphics in imaginative (multi-modal) play.

Our hope has always been that other teachers might recognise the significance of children's mathematical graphics and choose to explore it in their settings and classes. This has certainly happened in many areas of the country and we are always delighted to hear from teachers and practitioners. We have been excited to receive numerous examples from the Bristol Children's Mathematics Network group (see Daniel's 'shop closed sign below) - and from teachers and practitioners in Medway LA in Kent. In recent weeks we've also received examples from young bi-lingual children, sent by a teacher at an International School in Switzerland. When time allows we hope to include some of these fascinating examples in dedicated Galleries on our website!


Daniel's Sign 'Shop Closed'

In the nursery, Daniel had been playing shops and decided to make a sign to show when the shop was ‘open’ and another to show that it was ‘closed’. His teacher had noticed what he was doing and Daniel explained:

Daniel: It’s closed now, the café is closed
Adult: How do I know it’s closed?
Daniel: Look here, see? Closed, that means it’s closed.

Daniel pointed to his drawing of face crossed out on chalk board and rubbing it out he drew a smiling face without a cross:

Daniel: Look! Open that means its open now... Oh dear...

Drawing a cross over his drawing of a face he explained 'it’s closed'.

Young children use crosses in a variety of contexts to signify different meanings in drawings: they also use them to stand for writing. This flexibility of sign-use is highly significant in supporting children as their understanding of the abstract written language of mathematics evolves.

Link to Gallery 5: Graphics

Welcome to new members

From London and the South East, welcome to Jo Abbott from St Mark's Playgroup, Gillingham; Carolyn Cassettari from Stoke Community, Lower Stoke; Carole Cook from Balfour Infants, Rochester; Vicky Diddams from Chattenden Primary School, Rochester; Carol De Rosa from Barnet LA; Kelly-Ann Downs from Elaine Primary School, Strood; Judy Dreamer from Cresway Preschool, Chatham; Julie Gilbert from Vale Preschool, Chatham;  Amanda Harmer from Salvation Army Preschool, Gillingham; Kate Heather from Delce Infants School, Rochester; Shelley Hooper from Allaboard St Mary's Day Nursery, Chatham; Jan Hughes from Twydall Infants School, Gillingham; Claire Johnson from St Thomas More Walderslade, Chatham; Sue Jones from Beresford Preschool, Chatham; Dawn Matthews from High Halslow Preschool, High Halslow; Glynis Nevssessian from Hempstead Infant School, Gillingham; Bev Pritchard from Meadow Preschool, Rochester; Dorinda Roach from Little Acorns, Rochester; Helen Robson from St Benedict's, Lordswood, Chatham; Sharon Smith from Hemstead Infant School, Gillingham; Kate Townsend from Fairview CP Primary School, Wigmore, Gillingham; Clare Tucker from Balfour Infants School, Rochester; Ellie Turner from The Pilgrim's School, Borstal; Lyn Vine from Parkwood Preschool, Rainham; Kelly Voysey from Top of the Hill Pre-school, Gillingham; Naoimi White from New Road, Chatham. And from the South and South West, welcome to Nicola Carter from St Winifred’s School, Southampton and Kay Doswell from Stephens Early Years Centre, Southampton

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Booking now! An introduction to Children’s Mathematical Graphics: The Williams Mathematics Review: Teachers Share their Insights

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