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Graphic of the month

Jessica's Clocks

Many homes and early years settings have wall clocks and children often choose to draw them in the graphics area. Selecting a piece of paper Jessica (4 years, 6 months), thought hard about how she would fit in all 12 numerals on the dial she had drawn and managed to include almost all on her third drawing (in the centre). She was pleased with her drawing and told the adult ‘It’s nearly milk time’.

Jessica drew on her knowledge that there are 12 numbers on a clock face. She was persistent with her learning and challenged herself, getting the feel for layout, use of space and shape. ON this occasion she was playing with a piece of knowledge and connecting it to a real and personally meaningful context of milk time in her nursery. Jessica carried her sign around to show the other children in the nursery. Woods (1988) talks about children being the ‘architects of their own learning’.

Written number and quantities

  • Numerals as labels

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Welcome to new members:

London and South East
Caroline Emlyn Jones of Rainbow Nursery, Kentish Town; Georgina Gulliford of Falkner House and School, Hammersmith and Fulham; Clare Hardie from Southfield Park Primary, Epsom; Sue Jepson, Barnes Primary School, Barnes; Karen Murphy, Hampden Way Nursery School, Southgate; Christina Page from Boundstone Children and Family Centre, Lancing; Claire Grey from The Grove Children and Family Centre, Camberwell and Tiffany Whitfield from William Bellamy Infants' School, Dagenham.

From the South and South West, welcome to Amy Evans and Amy McNamee, both Reception class teachers at Shirehampton School in Bristol and to Nicola Lacey from Castle View Children's Centre, Newport, Isle of Wight.

From Japan, welcome to Faki Kifa, homeschooling teacher in Tokyo and from the USA, welcome to Vickie Inge from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville


Pretty new! The Williams Maths Review (DCSF: 2008)

New! Carruthers, E. and Worthington, M. (2008) 'Children's mathematical graphics: young children calculating for meaning' in I. Thompson, (Ed.) (2008) Teaching and Learning Early Number, Maidenhead: Open University Press, (2nd ed.).

New! Carruthers, E. (2008) ‘The importance of young children’s mark making: beginnings, context, meanings in mathematics’ The Foundation Stage Forum, (December).

New! Worthington, M. (2008) 'Playful pedagogy and transitions in children's mathematics', The Foundation Stage Forum, (December).

Almost new! Mark Making Matters - from the DCSF: 'An analysis of recent Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) results reveals that while children are generally making good progress across the 13 scales of learning and development, achievements are consistently lower in the scales of Writing (particularly for boys), and Calculation. This could undermine their future progress, particularly in the transition from the EYFS to Key Stage 1.

The booklet also explores how an improved understanding of the importance of mark making can strengthen provision for CLL and PSRN. It will illustrate how children's confidence in themselves as writers and as mathematical thinkers, can be promoted through the introduction of children’s mathematical graphics.

Children learn from everything they do, but their development depends, in part, on the quality and range of experiences they have received both in the environment of their setting and at home. Some children have had opportunities to experiment with mark making from their earliest years, while others have had limited experiences for a variety of reasons.' DCSF: The Standards Site (October, 2008).

New! Teacher Training Resource Bank (ttrb): Play and Learning in Early Education - NEW EVIDENCE On Wednesday 12th November an event was held in the Jubilee Room of the House of Commons organised by TACTYC (Training, Advancement and Co-operation in Teaching Young Children) and the Vicky Hurst Trust, and hosted by Annette Brook MP. The purpose was to share new evidence concerning play and early education which, as the invitation stated, is "an important aspect of children's lives which must feature substantially in the development of policy and practice" (includes Maulfry’s current research on imaginative play).


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New! The National Audit Office Report on Primary Mathematics (November 2008)
New! ‘Quality Nurseries pay long term dividends’ – latest findings form the EPPE Project (TES Nov. 29)
New! Annual OFSTED Report 2007/2008: (published November 2008)

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