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Graphic of the month

Nadia (4 years 7 months) found some squared paper in the technology area and chose to explore symbols in her own way, using one square for each. It was the abstract symbols themselves – their appearance and form; their potential functions and the meanings that she attached to them that interested her.

When she showed this to me, Nadia ‘read’ the ‘E’; several ‘Js’; ‘a star’; ‘T’ ; ‘round’ (gesturing in the air with a her fore-finger to make a circular movement); ‘umbrella’ (in the centre of the paper) and ‘square’ (lower right).

Thus, while some symbols she named as standard letters, for others she focused on the shape or form (i.e. the circle and square) and two symbols suggested pictorial representations (the star and umbrella).


Nadia’s symbols: early explorations with marks

The ‘stuff’ that children use to explore meanings within their play, offers ‘meaning-full’ contexts for children’s future explorations of symbolic ‘written’ languages children - such as writing and written maths.

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To those of you who will be celebrating Christmas this month, we’d like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and a fulfilling New Year!

The following items have been added to the website this month:

Welcome to new members

From The North of England:
Catherine Evans | Nursery Teacher, 3-5 years | Lark Hill Nursery School, Stockport
Mandy Neill | Trainee Teacher: KS 2/3/4 | Bisham High School, Blackpool

From London and South East
Helen Beaumont | Early Years Consultant | Brighton and Hove LA
Paddy Inskip | Form Tutor for Year 4 class & Maths Coordinator | Tormead School, Guildford
Chris Lewis | Y1 Teacher and Maths Subject Leader | Streatham Wells Primary, Streatham
Julia Ware | Year 1 Teacher and Maths Coordinator | Broomwood Hall School, Streatham


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