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David's Message

Communication and meaning making are highly significant aspects of semiotics and young children benefit from using their graphics to communicate personal ideas in authentic and personally meaningful contexts.

David was playing on the hill; wanting to stop another child pushing him he asked his teacher to write ‘Help me go on the hill – Romy is stopping me’. He showed the sign to Romy but as the play pushing continued, David decided to write his own message, using his own marks to convey what he wanted to say. This time both David’s spoken words and his written message had the desired effect and their play continued without incident.


Making meanings in play: drawing, maps and writing - attaching meanings.

Gallery 3: Redcliffe Children’s Centre and maintained nursery

New Members

From the North of England, welcome to Naomi Oliver from Brampton Ellis Infant School, Rotherham, and from the South and South West, we’d like to welcome Donna Andrews from Clifton High School, Bristol.

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