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Graphic of the month

Nikita’s Birthday Card - numerals as labels

 Nikita (3 years and 4 months)

Birthdays are something with which young children identify and that excite them: the changing of their age is important to them.

To enhance the graphics area in the nursery we asked the children to bring in old birthday cards from their family. We discussed with each child the card they had brought in and provided additional materials.

Children chose to go to this area if they wished and adults carefully observed and noted down findings.

Nikita made a birthday card for herself. She looked through a box of cardboard numerals and selected a ‘3’ which was her age at the time, then glued the numeral on the paper. She made some marks with blue and black pens. Nikita was very quiet whilst she did this and whispered to her teacher ‘This card is for me – I am three’.

Nikita knew her own age and recognized the numeral ‘3’. Her marks look very much like early writing and the crosses may have been kisses, although she did not say. Nikita had showed a great deal of understanding of birthday cards.

Link to Graphics of Past Months

The past few months have been quite exceptional in terms of demands of work relating to children’s mathematical graphics, including:

  • We both presented at the EECERA conference at the end of August (in Prague this year) and were thrilled to hear presentations from both Vygotsky’s daughter Gita and from his grand-daughter Elena. Gita provided a fascinating insight to her childhood and how her father had involved her in some of his research: Gita Vygotskaya’s greetings (in English)
  • I made a made a visit to the Netherlands to visit the schools where I shall be collaborating with teachers and collecting data for my doctoral research. The Juliana School is in Schragen, 50km to the north of Amsterdam and the Avonturijn School is in the centre of Amsterdam. I shall also be gathering data in Bristol and in a village near Bath – M.
  • This term we have led sessions at an Early Years conference in Bristol and courses in Harrow. Richmond LEA invited us to make presentations to all the Primary Maths Coordinators and also to a Primary Heads’ meeting; followed by two, one day courses covering the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1
  • Meanwhile interest in children’s mathematical graphics continues to grow. Numbers of visitors to our website have also increasing significantly in the past two months with a ‘high’ of 2506 for October – a record for the Children’s Mathematics Network!

We were fortunate to have received a funding Award from the Vicky Hurst Trust, to enable us to produce a booklet about research into children’s mathematical graphics (coming later).

The government in England has called for a major Review of Mathematics Teaching in Primary Schools and Early Years settings. The review commenced with a call for evidence will conclude on 16 November. If you have something you would like to contribute, please make your views known to the Williams Maths Review

The following items have been added to the website this month:

Welcome to new members

From India, welcome to: V H Hanumantha Ravi Pusuluri in Andhra Pradesh and Bhavika Trivedi in Gujarat;

From New Zealand, welcome to Cherry Taylor in Waikato.

From The United Kingdom:

  • Scotland: welcome to Penny Munn in Glasgow
  • Wales: welcome to Tracey Gardiner, Newport
  • The North of England: welcome to Joyce Guthrie, Northumberland

From London and South East of England, welcome to:

  • Suzanne Gilbert from Chatham
  • Helen Cummins from Harrow
  • Cherry Baleer, Sara Bromfield , Kate Chattaway, Dawn Claeher, Natalie D'Cruz , Kerry Diver, Nikki Greenfield, Kathryn Hayward, Shelley Hills, Hannah Kerry, Claire Keith, Julia McCann, Maria Moler, Helen Munro, Rebecca Perry, Susannah Rose-Doyle, Michelle Rutter, Liz Skivington, Jane Steel , Annabelle Xaverey - all from Richmond
  • Daniella Gorman and Rebecca Seddon from Sheen
  • Kate Clark and Ciara Hall from Teddington
  • Kate Gauvain, Lyn Gray, Briarley Jenvey and Catherine van den Broek from Twickenham

From The South and South West of England, welcome to:

  • Emma Burt from Bridport, Dorset
  • Sarah Bourner from Southampton
  • Shelley Allecy, Teresa Bell, Sue Browne, Laura Carey, Sally Compton, Sue Cowdell, Vivian Dhao Pardoe, Karen Farmer, Jane Feluily, Ann Freebury, Vicky Gainard, Louise Hannan, Cilla Hodson, Sue Jay, Sian Jones, Pat Kendall, Mary Leach, Janet Marin, Tracey Marsh, Jacqui Masters-Fry, Kelly Mason, Gill Matt, Halina McEwan, Jan Palmer, Mo Pearson, Beth Pritchard, Veronica Rayner, Heather Roche, Helen Scorgil, Lianne Sheldon, Karen Sheppard, Jeanne Simpson. Laura Skyner, Sharon Viney, Katie Watson, Chris Weston, Sarajayne Wherlock, Caroline Wood - all from Bristol

Apologies if I’ve typed anyone’s name incorrectly – this is likely to be due to my interpretation of your handwriting, so please do get in touch to give me correct spellings!

If you are from Bristol and signed up at the Bristol EY conference in September but don’t see your name here – apologies: someone accidentally went home with some sheets! Just email me and I’ll enrol you as a member.


New Publications (chapters):

  • Worthington, M. '"It's my birthday bridge": multi-modal meanings through play' in: J. Moyles (Ed.) (2007) Beginning Teaching, Beginning Learning, Maidenhead: Open University Press / McGraw Hill.
  • Carruthers, E. (2007) ‘Children’s Outdoor Experiences: a Sense of Adventure?’ in J. Moyles, (Ed) (2007) Early Years Foundations: Meeting the Challenge, Maidenhead: Open University Press / McGraw Hill.
  • Worthington, M. (2007) 'Multi-modality, play and children's mark-making in maths' in: J. Moyles, (Ed.) (2007) Early Years Foundations: Meeting the Challenge, Maidenhead: Open University Press / McGraw Hill.

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