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Graphic of the month

Making ‘Dinner Registers’

One day when her teacher called the dinner register, Natasha brought a piece of paper and a pen to make her own. Natasha focused on the concept of a list and included some ticks and circles as she’d seen her teacher do.
Natasha (4 years, 6 months): Representing quantities that are not counted Gemma (4 years, 4 months): Early explorations with marks Alice (5 years, 3 months): Representing quantities that are counted
Gemma wanted to join in and used marks with some approximations of circles and crosses (to denote either packed lunches or school dinners) and Alice represented the children’s responses in two columns, in a way that was easy to check when she’d completed it (she also drew her own packed lunch box in the centre).

Each example shows the child’s current thinking as she used ways of representing to help her think about the data. Their interest led many other children to choose to make their own registers during the term.

The development of written number and quantities:

See: taxonomy of development

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Welcome to new members:

From the north of England, welcome to Gerry Bunyan from St Michael & St John's RC Primary, Clitheroe; Caithleen Coombes from Nottingham Trent University and Tracy Pearson-Amos from Barnsley LA. From London and the South East – welcome to Sara Eustace at All Saints Nursery, Chatham; Laura Jones from St Teresa's Primary School, Rochford; Lesley Pease, Medway LA.

And from Malaysia, welcome to Rajkumar Palmanaphan from Seapark Primary School in Petaling Jaya.

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