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New! - page of references to general research on early years mathematics

CONTEXT: Child-initiated play

Exploring symbols

Nursery: Shereen - 4 years 4 months

In the forest, the children arrived at a curious shelter, with a wooden pallet in the doorway. One of the boys thought an elephant lived there. Other children joined them, and Shereen watched as the children went inside.

Drawing elephants on her hands Shereen added tally-type marks as she counted children going into a shelter and counting the marks on her hand up to 10. Afterwards she showed everyone the marks on her hand.

Triggered by this impromptu imaginary discussion in the forest, Shereen decided to count, using tally-type marks to represent the ten children who entered the shelter. Young children use a range of marks to tally items they count: sometimes children invent their own tally marks when they see a need, and some use vertical lines that may have been introduced to them by an adult.

Both are equally valid, and it is important that young children have opportunities to freely choose and experiment with their own marks should they wish to do so (rather than only being shown one way).

Taxonomy: Making meaning in child-initiated play

  • Explorations with symbols

  • Representing quantities that are counted

Gallery 7: The emergence of graphic symbols and texts in pretend play
Gallery 8: Children's graphic symbols and texts in self-initiated contexts.

Welcome to new members

From London and the South East, welcome to Leanne Gray, University of Birmingham / London; Andy Madden Christ Church Canterbury, Canterbury, Kent and Karen Pearson Eastwood Nursery, London. From the South and South West welcome to Tom Oram Little Hayes Nursery, Bristol and from Pakistan, welcome to Evangliest Perwaiz Akhter Masih, School Association Sheikhupura District Punjab Pakistan.


Publications - New in 2015:

Carruthers, E. (2015). Listening to children's mathematics in school. In Perry, B., A. MacDonald and A. Gervasoni. Eds. Mathematics and Transition to School: International Perspectives. Sydney, Australia: Springer

Worthington, M. (2015). Mathematics and the ecology of pretend play. In. J. Moyles. Editor. The Excellence of Play. 4th Edition. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

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