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Gallery 6: Genres


Isaac, David and Jayden (3-4 year olds) are by the door into the nursery, having decided to check people coming in and out. They have collected clipboards, paper, pens and a calendar, and use a range of marks and crosses.
Isaac uses vertical marks for people who come in and out, and an 'x'  - explaining, ‘That means you work here.’
After a period of time during which no one enters of leaves, Isaac grumbles,  ‘No one’s come in or out recently!’

Crosses are one of the first abstract symbols children choose to use and they use them in a wide range of contexts to signify many different meanings.

For more registers, see also:
Gallery 4: ‘Making Dinner Registers’ and Chloe’s Dinner Register.

Making meanings in pretence, imagination and role-play including drawing, maps and writing.
Written number and quantities - Representing quantities that are not counted; exploring symbols.


Gallery 6: Genres

New Members - April

From the North and North East, welcome to Rebecca Want, form St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Nottingham, and from the Midlands and East Anglia, welcome to Anita Deacon at Winshill Pre-school, Burton-on-Trent

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