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New! 6th Redcliffe Children’s Centre and Maintained Nursery, Research and Development Base: Annual Conference with Michael Rosen:
a celebration of children enjoying books and becoming readers for life

Couldn't resist sharing these links on the phonics test in England with everyone:
Michael Rosen (1) and Michael Rosen (2)

The example below is included in chapter 7 of our new book Understanding Children’s Mathematical Graphics: Beginnings in Play

Kiera (5 years 2 months) and Lauren (5 years 0 months)

The mathematics: number, quantities, measurement

Kiera, Tanny and Lauren were playing ‘doctors’. Kiera pretended to give some medicine to Tanny, explaining that the number on the cup said ’80’ and explaining, ‘It tells you how much medicine you are giving’.

The photo above shows Lauren pretending to be ‘mummy’ as she made a list of ‘phone numbers. She wrote and read ‘300’ (not shown) for the doctor’s number, then ‘37’, reading it as ‘three’ and ‘seven’ for her friend Oma’s telephone number.

In learning environments where mathematics and children’s own graphical communications are valued and supported, children’s self-initiated role-play often naturally includes mathematics..


Written number and quantities: numerals as labels

Gallery 5: Beginnings in Play


Website statistics:

The website statistics in the first three months of 2012 continue to soar, with the number of pages viewed in March double the figures for both January and February. Visits to the website from Sweden, Italy and India have all increased considerably this year.

New Members

Welcome to the following new members from European International Schools. From the Czech Republic, welcome to Papia Chatterjee, Lenka Cohnová and Maricla Vesecká from the International School of Prague; from England, welcome to Anna Ryan from the Southbank International School, London; from France, welcome to Carolyn Comfort from the Lennen Bi-lingual International School of Paris and from Luxembourg, welcome to Laura Holland from St George’s International School.

From Germany, welcome to Silke Edelmann and Mariana Femiera from Leipzig international School; Megan Fleming, Kim Rabe and Sharon Rose from Kita International School, Berlin and Sarah Lee from the International School, Hannover and from Greece Eleni Kotsi Costeas-Geitonas School, Pallini, Attica and to Jackie Owen and Judy Vossou from Campion School, Pallini, Attica.

Welcome to Selly Gupta from Shanghai Rego International School, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and from The Netherlands, welcome to Nicole Bakker and Lize Erasmus from the American International School of Rotterdam. We’d like to welcome Liz Holloway from Compass International Doha, Qatar and also Maria Sokolova from Moscow Economic School, Moscow, Russia.

Welcome to the following teachers from Switzerland: to Adrienne Contoni and Kim Goetschal from the International School of Lausanne; to Allison Cook from the International School, Berne; to Anne van Dam from the International School of Zug and Luzern; to Karen Eggenschwiler and Andrea Furer from the Zurich International School; to Kristin Heath and Sarah Nowikow from the International School of Geneva and to Christina Scott from the International School, Basel. And from the USA, welcome to Arnaud Hugonie from Atlanta International School, Georgia.


Almost New! Worthington, M. (2012) 'The power of graphicacy for the young child' in
T. Papatheodorou and J. Moyles (Eds.) Cross Cultural Perspectives on Early Childhood. London: Sage Publication

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