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With the change of government in England, there is yet another change to the early childhood curriculum (and no doubt will impact on the teaching of mathematics)! The new documents relating to these changes are listed below.

Understanding Children’s Mathematical Graphics: Beginnings in Play

The example below is included in chapter 10 of our forthcoming book.

Written number and quantities: early written numerals; numerals as labels; explorations with symbols; representing quantities that are not counted

Finnian’s age (nursery)

Finnian was aware that he was younger and smaller in stature than the other children in his group.

Taking a pen Finn emphasized his exact age on a nearby whiteboard explaining ‘I’m not three and a half! I’m three and three quarters… Look. This is how you write ‘three and a half’ [the line of symbols at the very top] and this is how you write ‘three and three quarters’!’ [the remaining symbols in the centre and lower down].

Not only had Finnian used symbols to explore fractions, he understood (and used) symbols to persuade.

See also: Gallery 5: Beginnings in Play

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New! Worthington, M. (2011) ‘Coomuniceren in rekentaal: noodzakelijk voor kinderen in hun spel.’ ‘(‘Communicating mathematically – ‘necessary’ for children in their play’). Zone. No. 1. March 2011 (Dutch teachers' magazine)

New! March 2011DfE overview of The Tickell Review of the Early Years Foundation Stage (England)

New! March 2011The Early Years: Foundations for Life, Health and Learning (The Tickell Review)

New! March 2011The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Review: Report on the Evidence

2009 Evangelou, M., Sylva, K. and Kyriacou, M. (2009) Early Years learning and Development. (DCSF Report). This is the Literature Review that the Tickell Review drew on for the revised EYFS, (2011)

New! Supporting Assessment at the Early Years Foundation Stage (QCDA)

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