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Melanie’s 'ladybird'

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Transforming signs and meanings

Melanie made marks on a piece of paper - then taking some scissors, made cuts at the bottom at the top and removed portions of paper. She lifted the paper and moving it across the table called happily to the other children ‘She’s dancing!’ Adding more marks she explained ‘She’s got a pretty dress’ and then explained that this was ‘A lady dancing’.

By the next day Melanie had altered what she had done, making several cuts across the paper. Now she explained that it was a ‘ladybird’. Her teacher thought that the change of meaning to ‘ladybird’ might have been through word-association.

Referring to children cutting out something they have drawn, Kress explains the ‘makers’ shifting interest… while it is on the page I can do “mental things” with it… when it is off the page I can do physical things with it,’ (1997: 27). Melanie explored her ideas about a ‘lady’ and ‘ladybird’ ‘multi-modally’, with the help of paper, crayons and scissors, enabling her to express and communicate personal meanings.

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From South Africa, welcome to Jean Schafer from Rhodes University Centre for Social Development, Grahamstown. From the North of England, welcome to Aimi Pallent from Caedmon Primary School, Gateshead and Jane Barraclough from Lower Fields School, Bradford. From London and the South East, welcome to Rebecca Akintola St John the Divine Primary School, Camberwell; Sue Berry & Jane Hathaway from Stoke Community School, Rochester and to Hazel Cyfka from Burghfield St Mary's CofE Primary School, Reading. From the South and South West, welcome to Dawn Channon and Becky Cummins from Homelands Primary School, Torquay; to Chris Gavriel from Easton Primary School, Bristol; Alice Griffin from St George's School; Laura Gurney from Bridge Farm Primary School, Bristol; Chris Handsley from Torrre CofE Primary School, Torquay; Sue Last from Westbury Park Primary School, Bristol; Janet Mann from Avonmouth; Sue Murphy from St Margaret's School, Torquay; Fiona Owen from St Margaret's School, Torquay; Becky Perry from Filton Avenue Infants School, Bristol; Mike Rylands from Burnbush Primary School, Bristol; Louise Scruton-Evans from Bishops Road School, Bristol; Karen Sheppard from Blaise Primary School, Bristol and Mark Treadwell from Torbay. .

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New! Worthington, M. (2010) ‘Play is a complex landscape: imagination and symbolic meanings’. In Broadhead, P., Howard, J. and Wood, E. (Eds.) Play and Learning in the Early Years, London: Sage Publications.

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Recent DCSF publication Children Thinking Mathematically: (Dec, 2009).

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