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Did you know that the Children's Mathematics Network is the only organisation that focuses on evidence-based research into young children's meaning making and communication through their own informal mathematics notations? In addition to our main focus we highlight the significance of pretend play and imagination, young children's drawing, maps and early writing.

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Maulfry Worthington and Elizabeth Carruthers are Founders of the international Children’s Mathematics Network, established in 2003. They have both taught in the full 3 – 8 year age range for over 26 years and have carried out extensive research in key aspects of early mathematics, with a particular focus on the development and pedagogy of children’s early written mathematics (children's mathematical graphics). They are winners of several national awards for their work with children and teachers on children's mathematical graphics.

The Children's Mathematics Network explores the independent research we have conducted for more than two decades - into young children’s developing understanding of mathematical notations - through their own graphical marks, symbols and representations: we term these children's mathematical graphics.

Our work is independently acknowledged and our book Children’s Mathematics: Making Marks, Making Meaning is used as a key text in the field of early years mathematics education and courses in symbolic representation including literacy.


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